We are passionate about management!

We believe that while all aspects of the deal cycle are very important, management of an asset is key to the successful delivery of our investment objectives.  We utilize our combined years of hands-on management experience to inform our strategy, from the outset of the investment process forward.  From underwriting to eventual disposition, effective management implementation is a core tenet of what we do and has enabled our strong track record of successful investments.


Louis J. Reynolds 


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Matthew Earl


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Louis J. Reynolds

Lou Reynolds began his real estate investing career in 1998, investing in both development and existing multifamily projects.  Since that time, Lou has amassed a wealth of experience and a laudable resume of investment successes.  Regardless of asset class, area or market challenge, Lou brings an uncanny ability to maximize an investments potential while minimizing downside risk.

Lou attributes his investment prowess from the rigor of his computer consultancy experience.   After graduating from Marist College with a degree in business, Lou worked for a computer consultancy designing and implementing complex software systems.  Fully understanding the necessity for thoughtful system design and implementation in order for the system to work, Lou transferred that skill set to real estate.   Though particularly accomplished with computers and technology and even starting a computer consultancy of his own; Lou always maintained a connection to real estate.  In the early 2000’s, Lou began purchasing, rehabbing and successfully exiting multifamily properties in Hoboken, Jersey City, and other towns in New Jersey.  In 2008, having recorded a substantial record of success in real estate, Lou eventually devoted his attention to real estate full time.

Lou brings a wealth of real estate experience, investment knowledge and unwavering management focus in delivering on the potential available in a current real estate asset or development deal. Lou has a pedigree of over 100 successful purchase and sale transactions in the multifamily space, most of which concentrated in the value added or opportunistic area. Lou is adept at the physical and fiscal evaluation of any type of real estate investment; he has the breadth and depth of knowledge and tangible property management experience that allows him to quickly separate fact from fiction. From deal sourcing, deal modeling, evaluation and management, Lou brings a unique and laudable multidimensional skill set exemplified in the returns delivered to our investors. Lou lives in New Jersey with his wife and twin girls.

Matthew Earl


Matthew has successfully translated his B.S. in Accounting and years working in Public Accounting into the real estate sector.  Before joining Reynolds Asset Management in 2019, Matthew owned and operated a small multifamily investment company located in South Florida for six years.  In that capacity he oversaw all aspect of the investment cycle, with a focus on management.  This experience in management combined with his background and skill set in accounting and finance enables Matthew to work through the complex and unique projects at Reynolds Asset Management. 

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