Independence Place 

Name:  Independence Place Apartments

Location:  Hinesville, GA 

Deal Type:  Value-Add

Acquisition date:  September 2019 

Units:  264                                   Occupancy:  95%


Spring Street

Name:  Spring Street Commons

Location:  Newark, NJ

Deal Type: New Construction

Acquisition date:  March, 2018

Construction Completion:  September, 2020 

Units:   87


Western PA Portfolio

Name:  Newberry Apartments & Pinetree Village & Valley View

Location:  Grove City & West Middlesex & New Wilmington, PA

Deal Type:  Value-Add

Acquisition date:  December, 2019  

Units:   194                                Occupancy:  95%

The Brook

Name:  The Brook Apartments

Location:  Boundbrook, NJ

Deal Type: New Construction - Mixed Use

Acquisition date:  March, 2019

Construction Completion:  May, 2021 

Units:   164 Total 

Violet Estates

Name:  Violet Estates 

Location:  Town of Poughkeepsie, NY

Deal Type:  New Construction

Acquisition date:  December, 2020

Construction Completion:  June, 2022  

Units:   85                             


Name:  Amerigas

Location:  Illinois and Wisconsin 

Deal Type: NNN - Industrial 

Acquisition date:  June 2020

Units:   3 Total 

Redevelopment Project Package:

Tel: 201-345-3131 


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