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Cape Coral, FL Multifamily Development

Name:  Embers Lakes

Location:  Cape Coral, FL

Deal Type:  New Construction - Multifamily

Anticipated Construction Start:  April, 2022

Anticipated Lease-up Start: December, 2023

Phase 1:  690 Units

Phase 2:  647 Units 


Orange Valley Apartments

Name:  Orange Valley Apartments

Location:  Orange, NJ

Deal Type:  New Construction - Multifamily

Acquisition date:  June, 2021

Anticipated Construction Completion:  November, 2023

Units:  103


Violet Estates

Name:  Violet Estates 

Location:  Town of Poughkeepsie, NY

Deal Type:  New Construction

Acquisition date:  December, 2020

Construction Completion:  June, 2022  

Units:  85                       

Princeton Pike Office Park

Name:  Princeton Pike Office Park

Location:  Lawrenceville, NJ

Deal Type:  Value Add - Office

Acquisition Date:  May 2022

Rentable Square Feet: 260,000


Stissing Farm Townhomes

Name:  Stissing Farm Townhomes

Location:  Pine Plains, NY

Deal Type: New Construction - Condo

Acquisition date:  March, 2021

Construction Completion: November, 2022

Units:  48


Spring Street Commons

Name:  Spring Street Commons

Location:  Newark, NJ

Deal Type: New Construction

Acquisition date:  March, 2018

Construction Completion:  September, 2020 

Units:  87                                  Occupancy:  100%


Western PA Portfolio

Name:  Newberry Apartments & Pinetree Village & Valley View

Location:  Grove City & West Middlesex & New Wilmington, PA

Deal Type:  Value-Add

Acquisition date:  December, 2019  

Units:  194                                Occupancy:  95%

Bound Brook, NJ Development

Name:  Mosaic & The Vibe

Location:  Bound Brook, NJ

Deal Type: New Construction - Mixed Use

Acquisition date:  March, 2019 

Units:  164 Total


Name:  Amerigas

Location:  Illinois and Wisconsin 

Deal Type: NNN - Industrial 

Acquisition date:  June 2020

Units:  3 Total 

Redevelopment Project Package:

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